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This site is a collection of guides for highly requested and searched features that you can do with Shopify, but there isn't a lot of documentation on. I love hearing comments and feedback on the current guides, how they can be made better, and what new ideas you would love to see.

I started learning to code while working at Shopify and I have been practicing a ton while working on a number of projects.

I plan to blog about HTML, CSS, JS, and Ruby on Rails. If there are any guides you would like to see, please reach out on the About page.

Happy Coding!

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by: Dylan Hunt | Published: March 07, 2018 15:59

Hey guys. I get asked to implement this a lot, so here is a simple bit of code that can be put in the theme.liquid at the bottom before or into the app.js or theme.js file to smooth scroll to anchor links on your site. Don't know what an anchor link is? An Anchor link is a link from one spot on the page to another, and normally it just jumps you to that spot, but smooth scrolling shows the user whether they are moving up or down, and is just a nicer experience. here is the code: If you are implementing this in the theme.liquid, add after. If you are putting it into the app or theme.js, paste it as is at the bottom.


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: November 10, 2017 16:03

Hey guys, This script will allow you to offer a free gift if the price is over a certain price. I set it up here to allow for 4 items to be chosen to be a free gift. This will come along with a bit of work to setup the frontend, but bundling to offer a free gift has been really popular on Shopify lately and I wanted to start the dialog here.

This will ensure that if your cart is over $75 and one of the 4 product id's marked with x's is in the cart it will be free.


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: July 07, 2017 16:01

Here is the code to show the inventory quantity of each product on a collection or product page, instead of just showing the first available variants. Note, this guide will only show if inventory is below 4.


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: February 15, 2017 15:14

I wanted to write a few scripts to help people get started with Shipping scripts. Let me know if you have any comments or want to see anything else for how these work.

1. Discounted Shipping if cart is over $X

2. Free shipping if the cart is over $X

3. Free shipping on rate based on the name of the rate


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: January 01, 2017 20:46

Just wanted to share this link with anyone that wants to get started with Digital Ocean. I use them for all of my hosting due to ease of use, simple interface and reliability. If anyone wants to get started here is a link that will give you a $10 credit upon signup which covers the first two months for a small droplet: Discount Link


by: Dylan Hunt | Published: December 08, 2016 16:42

There are a lot of people asking for more information on how to discount returning customers, so I wrote this script to give a discount based on the number of orders the customer has placed. This script is for people who have placed over 2 orders, and a platinum discount if you've placed over 5, but can be modified for any amount.
If you have any other scripts you're wondering about just ask in the comments.


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