Show all variants as separate products on the collection page on the Brooklyn Theme

Posted By: Dylan Hunt

Published: March 07, 2019 13:54

This Tutorial is available for the following themes and as a youtube video

I have had a lot of comments for people looking to have this guide work specifically for the brooklyn theme, so I am going to try to be as specific as possible and hopefully this can help more people achieve this on their own.

If you have a product such as a swimwuit that has 10 colors, you may want to keep it as one product, but to make your collection page look more 'full', so here is how you can turn that one product into 10 different ones on the collection page, but have the product page stay the same as one product with many variants on the Brooklyn theme.

1. Find the product-grid-item.liquid snippet and open it. This is the loop that is used to display all products in the collection.

2. Replace the product-grid-item with the code below.

You should be all set now.

Comment below if you're struggling.

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